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Welcome to GENIUS International School of Singapore

Unlike a business venture, investing in your child’s early education is the investment for a lifetime. It is crucial for parents to make the right decisions regarding their children’s education in order to pave the way for their future development. The goal of Genius International School of Singapore is to seek out and develop the potential in each and every child that passes through our doors. At GENIUS, we guarantee a quality education.

Genius International School of Singapore is a welcoming and secure environment for children 1 year of age and older in Cambodia offering international K-12 programs with the most rigorous Australia and Singapore standard.

At Genius, we inspire young learners to discover new things and build up experiences daily through interactive play and structured learning. We offer a truly global approach to teaching and learning with English as a medium of instruction. We also provide a bilingual curriculum in accordance with Cambodian national curriculum.

 It is our mission to provide parents with an effective educational system for children in a safe environment conducive for learning.

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Outside Activities

Field Trips:

One of the most important extracurricular activities of our school is Field Trip. Kids learn best from their experiences. By conducting field trips, students will use their senses to gather information about the world around them.

In School Activities

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are really important for children from a very young age (even a one year old can enjoy finger painting) and it remains important long after they can read and write.

On a deep level, art is

Fact vs Myth on Brain Development:

Myth: At birth the brain is fully developed.

Fact: Brain cells are formed before birth, but the connection between cells is developed during infacy and early childhood.

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"First and foremost..."
-- Mr. Koc Heang

"This is a great opportunity for us..."
-- Mrs. Lee Mary

"We liked genius kids kingergarten..."
-- Mr. Maria Atabay

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