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In School Activities

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are really important for children from a very young age (even a one year old can enjoy finger painting) and it remains important long after they can read and write.

On a deep level, art is a form of communication, it is another way of expressing ourselves and our emotions and it can help with processing feelings and experiences.

And perhaps less deep, but equally important, art and craft sessions allow children to gain self confidence, belief in their abilities and to learn through play.


Kids really enjoy painting, and what parents often don’t realize is that painting is a great activity for child development as well. When they paint, children are able to experiment and express themselves, which is definitely good for them.

When kids are painting, they are able to learn more about colors. They learn how colors look and what they look like when the colors are combined. They can experiment with the colors, mixing them to get other colors. With different paint forms, they can mix the paints to get different textures and thicknesses as well.


Swimming is a skill that all kids should learn and it is a skill that remains with them throughout their lives. Swimming produces a wide array of health and social benefits for kids of all ages. It provides children with a fun aquatic activity that also promotes good health and social development skills. It's an aerobic form of exercise that also produces advantages for kids with disabilities.


Music is a universal language. Listening to music is something almost everyone does, or has done. Others take their love of music further and learn to write or play music. Whether it's listening, composing or playing an instrument, music education at an early age can be beneficial for kids.



"First and foremost..."
-- Mr. Koc Heang

"This is a great opportunity for us..."
-- Mrs. Lee Mary

"We liked genius kids kingergarten..."
-- Mr. Maria Atabay

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