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Kidergarten Program

As children reach Kindergarten lever, they begin to transition into more structured daily activities. Children at this age are taught the basics of phonics awareness and continued learning of letters and sounds. Kindergarten students at GIS participate in our unique international curriculum which is a combination of social studies, literacy, basic mathematics and science broken down into units for students to cover over the course of a school year.

We believe that kindergarten is the key stepping stone in preparing children to reach the primary level and as such, it is imperative that parents participate in the learning process. If a child is properly guided throughout the year, he/she should be able to:

ü  Correctly identify and name alphabet letters and corresponding sounds

ü  Attempt to read simple stories or sound out words based on their sounds

ü  Express and interest in writing and be familiar with age-appropriate writing practice

ü  Count orally to 100 and recognize numbers to 50.

ü  Sound out common CVC words independently or with coaching from an adult.

Students at GIS are also taught correct social behavior/responses through a variety of themed activities, informal discussion groups and role-play designed to solidify appropriate behaviors into their impressionable minds.

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"First and foremost..."
-- Mr. Koc Heang

"This is a great opportunity for us..."
-- Mrs. Lee Mary

"We liked genius kids kingergarten..."
-- Mr. Maria Atabay

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